I THINK that hands are my favorite part of ppl„„ they are very telling of the person they’re attached to??? or at least. when I’ve known someone for a while and I look at their hands I’m like “yes. if I had to describe you this is how I’d do it”. also holding hands or playing w/ someone’s hands is the Absolute Greatest„, and on top of all this they’re very pretty and also fun 2 draw


i was gonna just draw ricken but

Aleks in The Great Easter Egg Adventure 2014: 1 2 &3

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i have no idea what im doing but happy fathers day 


I’m a terrible person, this is the other sketch from the exact same page as the last. 


yeah I’m an artist *draws a single basic anime eye*



i like this update a lot cuz john is like like ‘yooooooooooo’

also i like drawing big fluffy doggies lmao can u tell who i spent more time on

AHH, magnificent.